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Flood Insurance in Maryland: Three Steps to Get You Started

Flood damage is a common and often costly disaster, and most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. While there is no legal requirement to have flood insurance in Maryland, exploring flood insurance options is a good idea. Maryland is prone to flash flooding, general flooding from extended periods of heavy rains, and flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes. Flooding can occur even if you don’t live in a “high-risk” area.

Homeowners, renters, and business owners need to know the risks and take steps to protect their properties through flood insurance. Carrie Polk Insurance Inc., serving the greater communities of Waldorf and Prince Frederick, MD, can help you navigate this vital coverage.

Flood Insurance: Three Steps to Take

Step One: Determine Flood Risk

Different areas have varying levels of flood risk. If you live in a high-risk area, you will likely pay more for flood insurance. The Maryland Department of Emergency Management’s website allows you to check flood risk in your area. 

Step Two: Discover Flood Insurance Options in Your Area

Not all insurance agencies offer flood insurance, and others only provide coverage in certain areas. It is crucial to research insurance agencies in your area to see if they offer flood insurance and cover the region where you live. It is also a good idea to explore the two kinds of flood insurance: one to cover structural aspects of your home and one to cover items inside your home. 

Step Three: Contact an Insurance Agency For a Quote

Once you have found an agency that offers flood insurance coverage in your area, it is time to reach out for a quote. Knowledgeable insurance agents will be able to discuss flood insurance options and provide you with a quote that meets your needs. 

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